Criminal Defense Investigation Services Private InvestigationsCriminal Defense Investigation Services Private InvestigationsCriminal Defense Investigation Services Private InvestigationsCriminal Defense Investigation Services Private Investigations


My name is Bernard "Bernie" Wojciechowski and I simply wanted to say "Welcome" and please have a look around . I'm a licensed, bonded and insured private investigator who has done both criminal and civil work on numerous cases throughout Central Pennsylvania. We have a lot to offer.  We can help with everything from complex criminal defense cases to civil injury/wrongful death claims as well as more personal issues like divorce and child custody.  On civil issues we have investigated everything from missing persons to suspicious deaths to auto accidents.  We have investigated elder and child abuse as well as cases of unprofessional behavior or actions by law enforcement officers and government officials. On the criminal side we have investigated and assisted in the defense of charges to include criminal trespass, theft, assaults, drug violations including delivery resulting in death, firearms related charges (both state and federal), sexual crimes including rape and murder/criminal homicide to include capital death penalty cases. Call us today toll free at 866-776-7671 for more information on how we can assist you. 

Criminal, Civil or Personal, We can help

Blind scales of justice

Criminal Defense

We offer a wide range of services for clients who find themselves charged with  criminal offenses. Our office has experience in criminal work at all levels, summary, misdemeanor and felony up to criminal homicide including death penalty capitol cases. We have done work in both state and federal courts and we will testify to any work we complete on your behalf. We can work hand in hand with your defense attorney providing them with the ability to completely and thoroughly investigate and best present your case in court. Our goal is to work meticulously and comprehensively to balance the scales of justice to ensure that you are being treated fairly and justly once you become involved in the criminal justice system. Keep in mind, the prosecution has spent countless hours building it's case against you, we will work tirelessly to help bring your defense to light. As you would expect all of our work is totally and completely confidential. 


Civil / Personal

We know that civil cases at times involve very personal and private concerns such as divorce or child custody. Businesses can have employee theft or dishonesty issues, school districts may be experiencing residency issues with their own or cyber/charter school students. Many times family and loved ones want suspicious behaviors looked into or sometimes people just want answers about a missing person or a loved ones death. We provide skip tracing services for businesses related to debt collection efforts. All of these services and more we can help with. Good people can have bad things happen to them, people are injured at work everyday through no fault of their own, people get involved in car accidents and even get injured by someone else's careless actions while simply walking down the sidewalk.  We offer discreet and totally confidential services whether working for an attorney or a private party. 


Our Services Can Include

  • Developing, Locating and Interviewing Witnesses
  • Crime/Accident Scene Photography
  • Cell phone data recovery and analysis
  • Process Service & Court Research
  • Surveillance
  • Pre-Employment Background Investigations
  • Scene Access and Egress Mapping
  • Residency Investigation and Verification Services
  • Trademark/Patent Infringement or Violation
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Elder/Child Abuse and Related Fraud

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